The Canadian Bond Investors’ Association (CBIA) was established in 2011 and represents over 50 of the largest fixed income institutional investor organizations in Canada with over $1.2 Trillion in fixed income assets under management

Member organizations come from the insurance (buy-side), bank owned investment managers, pension and investment counsel sectors. As such, the CBIA is the independent voice of Canadian bond investors, and hence of the millions of pensioners, policy holders and retail investors who depend on CBIA members and other similar industry participants for the sound management of these investments.

Objectives of CBIA

  Advocate for positive change in the Canadian fixed income market.

Examples: 1) Improving covenants in Canadian corporate bond indentures; 2) Improving transparency in the Canadian fixed income market; 3) Improving corporate governance and disclosure of corporate bonds issuers in Canada.

  Act on behalf of fixed income investors in addressing key issues with legislators, regulators,
      bond issuers, investment dealers and other industry intermediaries.

Example: Non-Viable Contingent Capital – addressing issues with issuers and regulators with respect to fixed income investor concerns.

  Provide a forum for discussion of key issues and ideas relevant to the Canadian fixed
      income market.

The CBIA holds regular meetings where closed-door exchanges can take place on key issues. The CBIA website will include confidential member-only online forums.

  Act as a source of market information and expertise for fixed income investors.

  Provide educational opportunities for fixed income investors.

The CBIA holds annual conferences as well as seminars featuring industry leaders.